2011 XC Recap

"Ramsey Farm Team" at NXN Southeast
In the deepest field EVER assembled at the southeast regionals, the "Ramsey Farm Team" holds their own.  There were up and down performances.  Racing against hundreds of athletes at this level is humbling. 
Many lessons learned. 
 What a great and positive experience!!!
Matt McKenna just misses all-region finishing 22nd with a new PR of 15:48!
All other varsity get great experience running in such a deep field.
JV gets 2nd place (the team who won was a varsity, so you guys really won!!!)
Grunewald leads the way with a big PR in Cary!  He would have been the varsity's 4th runner!
Apostolico, LeNoir and Ciritella pack it up and all place in the top 30. 
Great races by all
All of you have been training since June.  Your coaching staff could not be any prouder of your commitment.  You all are following "the process is the goal" so well.  Part of that process is some down time.  Enjoy no running for a week or so!!!
You really were the "8th runner" for the entire weekend.  What great support!!!
Special thanks to Mr. Foley for the hotel arrangements and Mrs. Hughes for dinner arrangements. 
Jacket orders MUST be in by Tuesday.  It is the last day of school before the holiday break and orders are being processed Tuesday.  Email mlosapio@salesianum.org if you have any questions.
 Wednesday, November 16th
Nike Team Regionals meeting
5:00 p.m. in Mr. Lo Sapio's room A031.
This is an information meeting for those who wanted to go to regionals.  All information will be given to parents and athletes so they can register and organize a car pool down.  If you have any questions, email mlosapio@salesianum.org  
2011 State Champions!!!
For the 37th time in school history, the boys of 18th and Broom brought home the state championship. 
For the 19th time in school history, we had the individual winner.  Not only did Matt McKenna win, he went wire to wire and broke the Division I record in dramatic fashion.  Matt ran a blazing 15:58!  
Coach Gioffre did tons of research and figured out that this 2011 team was THE fastest Salesianum team EVER at Killens Pond.  We had the fastest 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th runners in school history!  
All of this would not have happened unless every guy on the team dedicated themselves to the cause.  Seeing 70 guys line the ENTIRE course was amazing! 
Congratulations on an amazing season!!!
Remember, Mr. Hart said:
"Sure the guys can decorate the locker room for Christmas, as long as ALL uniforms are in by Wednesday"
Happy Birthday Scotty!!!
Please check the Practice Schedule for this weeks schedule.
EVERYONE is invited to the Pasta Party this Thursday.
EVERYONE is expected to attend the State Championships.  Bus to and from the meet.
County Championships
Varsity 2nd, JV 1st!!!
All-County: Matt McKenna, Pat Hally, Scott Davis, Matthias Arauco-Shaprio, Joe Casini and Liam Magerr!
Congratulations on an amazing day of racing.  Tons of season PR's on a tough and hilly course.  Tons of heart today!  Way to leave it all out there.   Congratulations to all our seniors on their last races.  What a send off!!!
Listening to your stories and speeches was a highlight of my coaching career.  It made me think about your friendships made, lessons learned and lifelong memories.  The quote below could not say it any better:
"Life can change course in a moment.  Each of us has had experiences where the path we were on suddenly diverged and led us to a place we never would have imagined.  Sometimes, these transformational experiences happen by chance.  Other times, we consciously choose to take a different road.  Some experiences alter our path only slightly, while others rock our worlds to the extent that life will never be the same." 
What happened every day from 3-5 p.m. in the fall will be with you for a lifetime!
Check www.n5cta.com for full results...
Coach Lo Sapio and Gioffre's Explorers take boys and girls titles!
Sallies alumnist Jon Mazzio places 7th!!!
The boys of 18th and Broom make it perfect for 14 years!

The last dual meet of the season saw fast times, great team running, tons of team spirit and a nostalgic last dual meet for our seniors.  After the meet, Michael Fasullo could not have given a better speach:

“There are few things in life you can’t get back, and time is one of them.  As seniors, our time spent running can never be taken away.  Always remember your time running for this team!” 

I am blessed to be your coach!!!

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Weekly Schedule up!
St. Mark's dual meet Wednesday at the Creek!!!
Race to go off at 3:45. 
Joe O'Neill Invite
Dozens of Season PR's!!!
Varsity 2nd and JV Sweeps with a perfect 15 points!
Congrats to Ciritella for coming away with the JV win.
Great pack running by JV. 
Keep up the teamwork throughout the rest of the year.
Continue to do the right thing day in and day out.
After your long run Sunday, make sure to follow up with stretching, drills, nutrition, rolling and icing! 
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Great Nutrition Advice!
Foley's Flicks!
Extra, extra, read all about it...
Manhattan Invite
10th place in the most competitive race of the year!
Today we learned some great things about how good we can really be!!!
When we are full stregth, the sky is the limit!
It's different running against that many good runners. 
Everyone learned the need to get out hard and not have to waste energy passing people. 
Making small mistakes now is a great learning experience for future big races.
I can't wait to see how far you guys can go this year! 
Keep doing the right thing everyday, stay patient and HAVE FUN!!!
University of Delaware Invite
Varsity 3rd and JV 1st!
With the top 7 sitting out, runners shifted up to Varsity and JV.  Spectacular performances were turned in by all.
  • Fasullo leads varsity with a 7th place finish
  • Apostolico and Smith battle it out for JV title.  Smith outlasts the field!  
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 JV sets dozens of PR's!!!
All the hard work is paying off at the right time of the season.  The Sallies Invite really showed how deep our team was.  It was a very emotional day, with tons of hard races.  "The Creek" takes a lot out of your legs, and just as much out of your mind.  It's so hard mentally to concentrate on pushing your body up the hills.  Having a duel meet 3 days later is not ideal.   I expected everyone to be a little flat....boy was I wrong!!!  Check out the results, they speak volumes about how hard every single guy on the team is working.  Some guys are dropping over 2:00 in 1 month! 
Keep up hard work....and remember, let's have some fun!!! 
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The Curse is dead!!!
The boys of 18th and Broom win the Championship section of the Salesianum Invitational
Sallies has produced many great runners and teams, but they could never win at the multi-state Sallies Invite.  This year, the varsity got it done with a little motivation from the first 4 races.  The freshman ran tons of "creek" PR's coming in 4th as a team.  JV "C", "B" and "A" swept their races in dominating style.  Varisty had a super tight race coming down to our 6th and 7th runner beating North Penn's 5th man.  Everyone mattered in all the races today.  The team is so deep this year! All the hard work, training and team running is paying off!  I am so proud of you guys and can't wipe a smile off my face!!!  
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Salesianum Invitational Championship Race

Sallies XC storms the south!!!
Varsity and JV get two HUGE wins!

2011 Maymont Champions!!!

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In other action.....Julius Reed gets 2nd place in the "Music School 5K"

JV runs as Varsity and Sweeps Charter!!!
The JV team ran AMAZING today, taking control of the race and proving that we have the deepest team in the state going 1-14!
Top to bottom, everyone was competing and giving it there all.  That's what it's all about!  Way to give your best for your team.
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Please read carefully!!!
Updated as of Thursday!!!!!!!!
What a way to start the season?!?!
In the 1st Invitational of the year, the boys of 18th and Broom show this could be a season for the ages!!! 
  • Varsity gets 2nd in a LOADED Championship race!
  • Great front running by Matt and Matthias.  AWESOME pack running by Hughes, Magerr and Hally!  Great 1st time running varsity for Fasullo!
  • JV "A" and JV "B" Win team titles!
    • You guys ran up front like you belonged up front...which you did!  It was fun watching "the long yellow line"
  • Christian Guidash wins JV"B" and gets his first high school win ever!!!
    • Not many high school runners can say they every won a race.  Christian ran his last Briarwood Invite by winning!
  • Josh Smith gets 2nd in the Freshman race!
    • Congrats to all freshman on their first Invitational at Salesianum runners!!!
  • Thanks to all parents, especially the Zabielski's for all the food!!!
  • Sunday: Get out the door for your long run of 60-90 minutes!
  • Take the 1st half nice and easy.  Get into a nice rhythm for the 2nd half of the run.  Stretch and drills afterwards.  Your legs may be tired or heavy, but it's so important to get out the door and do this long run.  Greatness does not happen by accident.  Run with a purpose!!!
  • Monday: Fill in the Long Run Log and check the board for who is going to Richmond. 
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Order your XC Spirit packages HERE!!!
The 2011 XC team keeps the streak alive!
94 duel meet wins in a row!!!
Today was an AMAZING way to start the season.  We had a great turn out from our family and friends and a beautiful day to race.   Top to bottom, things are looking REALLY good.  This is a long season, so take one day at a time.  Come to practice each day ready to give something of yourself to the team.
Tuesday is our first duel meet of the season. 
Let's start things off right...and have some fun!!!
Runs 1st college race and makes Varsity at Colgate!!!!
World Championships of Track and Field!!!!
Watch the USA's best compete against the world
Click HERE for time schedule
Time Trial Results are in
Fastest times EVER!!!!
Under very humid conditions, roughly 80 young men battled it out to show off their summer fitness.
Congratulations to all the first timers!!!
Click HERE for results
Who thinks they could become more flexible???
(everyone should have their hand raised!)
  • Incease Flexibility
  • Stay healthy
  • Train harder
  • Recover faster!

Another YOUTUBE Video HERE Check out all 5 videos!

1 x per week try a "rhythm run" or progression run. 
American record holder in the 10k, Chris Solinsky, uses these all year round. 
Start adding this run into your weekly schedule only once per week.  
Everything else should be easy, easy easy!!! 
To read all all about "rhythm runs" click HERE
Hydration tips:
Weigh yourself before and after your run.  The weight you lost was sweat! 
1 pound lost is 16 ounces of water that you have to consume to get back to normal.
Hydrate throughout the day and up your salt in take just a little to make up for salt sweat loss.
After roughly 45 days of training, anyones legs tight or sore???
Role them out with a foam roller!!!
Check out these great videos on foam rollers.  They really help you take good care of your legs and also feel much better. 
When buying one, make sure that it has a hard/dense core.  If it's just made of all foam it will only last you 2-3 months and then it will be mis-shapen. 
Trigger point makes the best one. 
They sell them at the Philadelphia Runner and DE Run Co.
Click HERE to watch the videos
Salesianum Xc/Track mourns the loss of Mark Casini
It is with a heavy heart that I inform you all that late Wednesday evening, Mr. Casini lost his battle with cancer.  As we mourn the loss of his earthly body, we take solice in knowing that he is in a better place, pain free. 
Mr. Casini was an honest, kind, caring and hardworking man. 
If the world had more people like him, it would be a MUCh better place!!! 
Please keep Mr. Casini, Joe and his entire family in your prayers.  
Eternal rest, grant unto him, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May he rest in peace.

"Let God gather to Himself whatever He has planted in His garden.  He takes nothing out of season."

~St. Francis de Sales

Funeral arrangements to come.....

Want to double?....cross train!
Still follow your summer running plan, but if you have time to double, add one of these fun sports! 
Cross Training breaks up the menotony, gets your heart rate up without the pounding on your legs and is just fun!
Click HERE for article on cross training 
Always look at the glass half full....Andrews does!
Click HERE for article
A sad day for the running community...
Many of you have heard me speak of my running days at La Salle and my coach Charles Torpey.  July 1st he died suddenly, doing what he loved....timing one of his pro athletes in a workout at Valley Green in Philadelphia.  Keep his family and friends in your prayers. 
Click HERE for press release from La Salle 
Learn more about good running form
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