2014 XC Season Recap

The 2014 XC State Champions were honored 6/4/15 by Wilm. City Council!!!
Pictured: Colin Parker, George Steinhoff, Andrew Hally and Asa Bloom 
Missing: Tommy Higley, Tim Bouchard and Kyle Jones
Our very own Tyler Baldo is doing great things on the Schuylkill River!!
All-State Banquet
Salesianum is voted the Team of the Year in Delaware!!!

Our sister school, Padua, was also voted Team of the Year in Delaware!!!
Andrew Hally (1st team) Tommy Higley and Kyle Jones (2nd team) and Tim Bouchard (3rd team)
We were the only team to have our entire Varsity 7 make All-County!!!
Kyle jones, Colin Parker, Tommy Higley, Andrew Hally, Coach Mazzio, Coach Lo Sapio, Coach Deiner, Asa Bloom, Tim Bouchard, George Steinhoff


State Championship T-shirt are ready to order! 
To give honor to the 40th State Championship, we have made a t-shirt to celebrate all 40 years!!!
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Make it 7 in a row! 

The boys of 18th & Broom win States!

    Every year before the season starts, the coaches meet with the captains to pick a theme for the year.  We've had some great themes like "4 My Team", "No Fear" and "One team one stride".  This year, we chose "Strength in Numbers".  When this was chosen in June, we had no idea how real this quote would become on November 8th.   
    After the County Championships, Charter was going into the state meet as favorites.   The varsity 7 and the "8th man" never gave up hope.  All the preparations were done, the guys just needed to believe that they could win with "strength in numbers".  As soon as the gun went off, Charter, Newark and Salesianum all found their way to the front of the race.  While the athletes were approaching the mile, every 20 yards they would encounter someone from Salesianum cheering, covered in body paint!  Thanks to the help of the captains, the "8th man" was in full force all over the course!
    At the mile mark, Charter was winning by roughly 10 points.  As the athletes hit the two mile, the lead was cut down to just 5 points.  This is where Salesianum made their push.  With hundreds of miles in their legs, mile repeats, tempo runs and 13 mile long runs, the guys would not give up.  Salesianum knew they owned the last mile!  As the athletes went by thousands of fans cheering, Salesianum was still in second place with less than 1/2 mile to go!  The race was not over until the last the last step!  Andrew Hally stormed past Newark's first runner to claim 3rd place.  Tommy Higley was right behind to secure 5th place.  With lungs begging for oxygen, legs screaming in pain and vision getting more blurry with every step, Kyle Jones and Tim Bouchard had a finish made for the Hollywood big screens.  Both passed the group of runners they were with, pushing Charters 4th runner to the back of that pack.  All we needed was George Steinhoff to finish in the top 15, which he did, placing 13th.  All 5 scorers were in, but Colin Parker and Asa Bloom knew they had to keep racing to push Charters fifth runner back in the scoring.  Little did Asa know, but the score was tied and once again, he would be the deciding factor to break the tie.  
    When the dust settled and teams made their way to their tents, the winner was too close to call.  Three different people added up the scores and came up with three different results.  Runners came in so bunched, that the official order was in questions.  DIAA officials found the coaches and told them "well, last year we thought you guys made it close with a one point win.  This year you tied Charter. Go thank your runner Asa Bloom because he was the tie breaker and you won!" 
    With those three sentences came a rush of emotions.  Images of Ramsey runs, hill repeats in the sweltering heat, hard 400 on the track, tempo runs at Rockford park and Sunday long runs flooded the mind.  The only words that I could muster up were "we did it! we did it!  WE DID IT!!!"  
    As a coach, every year if different.  We have the sad duty of saying goodbye to some members, but have the pleasure of welcoming new members.  Every year is totally different and the team takes a life of itself.  This years team will definitely go down in the records books! 
    We coaches want to thank all 88 runners for their unswerving dedication to the team, one another and this beautiful, amazing, crazy sport that we love so much! 
    And always remember..."It's a good day to run."

In 2 VERY close races, JV wins and Varsity places 3rd!!!
NCC County is deeper than ever, with amazing talent spread around different teams. 
The depth of Sallies put 5 runners in the top 10 in JV and all 7 Varsity made All-County!!!
For over 30 years, Coach Ralph Heiss guided the Salesianum running programs.  His dozens of state championships pale in comparison to his character building.  Coach Heiss is a member of the Delaware Cross Country/Track and Field Hall of Fame.  He has won more state championships than any other coach in Salesianum history!  Before every practice, no matter how bad the weather, through freezing rain or blazing heat, Coach Heiss would always tell his teams "It's a good day to run".  Below are pictures of Coach Hiess' phrase being forever engraved in the locker room.  

Coach Heiss wrote a letter of gratitude after receiving the plaque:

To all of the Gentlemen who have run cross country for Salesianum, to their parents, to those who have coached here, to the many who count themselves as friends of our program,

Thank you. I am deeply touched by the heartfelt consideration of this remembrance. I am sure that this will literally be a sign of the continuity of our sense of values, of our commitment, our determination, and our teamwork. If you run for Salesianum you should always be aware that you run in the footsteps of those who have gone before you, and you set the path for those runners still to arrive. I respectfully request that you touch the sign when you are on your way to practice or to meets. If the lettering someday gets worn out I can think of no greater tribute.

"It’s a good day to run."

Coach Heiss



The dual meet season ends with a beautiful tribute to the seniors and a WIN!!!!
In cold, wet and dreary conditions, the Sal's kept the course hot with fast times and many season/lifetime PR's!!!
St. Mark's Dual Meet
  10/22/201453 and steady rainBellevue 
#SchoolNameTime SalliesSt. Mark's
1SalsHigley17:08 15
2SalsHally17:08 29
3SalsJones17:16 310
4SalsGallo17:43 411
5St. MKacmarcik17:44 612
6SalsBouchard17:48 1647
11SalsStuchlik,M. 18:07   
12St. MMarsilli18:10   
13SalsStuchlik, J. 18:18   
18St. MBunts18:31   
19St. MKorleski18:31   
21St. MDistefano18:33   
22St. MLangen18:34   
24SalsBloom 18:52   
39St. MGerard19:50   
40St. MDiaz20:09   
42St. MMcDermitt20:18   
43St. MBonvetti20:23   
50St. MWallace20:44   
55St. MEsquivel21:18   
56St. MBacon21:26   
59St. MRobinet21:38   
63SalsD'Amico, N. 22:06   
67St. MReinsell22:18   
71St. MMutinda23:08   
79St. MSchiber24:18   
81St. MMcCartan24:32   
84St. MYoung25:30   
86St. MLane26:39   
89St. MZhang29:14   
3 Races...3 wins!!!
The Joe O'Neill Invitational ends the regular season with a bang!
Many season and lifetime bests on the lightning fast Bellevue course!
Varsity beats Tatnall on a tie breaker (thanks Asa Bloom!) with Wilm. Charter right behind. 
The NCC Meet in 2 weeks will be interesting to say the least!
Tim Bouchard wins the JV A race to lead his team to victory.  Entire top 5 in the top 10! (Gall0, Pettoruto, Fielding, Caverly)
Robbie Wiest wins JV B to lead his team to victory! Sallies has the first 4 finishers with McCarthy, Schwarzkopf and Stafford!

Sallies XC Storms NYC for two 2nd place finishes
JV starts things out, placing 2nd in the JV "B" race, led by Freshman Jake Pettoruto!
Varsity, missing their #3 man Kyle Jones to the SAT's, places 2nd in the Varsity "D" race, led by the "two headed beast" of Andrew Hally and Tommy Higley!
Next week is our fall break, PSAT's, different practice times and the lightning fast Joe O'Neill Invitational at Bellevue on Friday afternoon! 
Make sure to get in your runner of the meet votes and also check the practice tab for details next week!
Alumni run in the UofD Invite for the college Division!
Salliesrunning alumnist, Colin LeNoir gets the win!!!
JV Runs as Varsity at the UD Invite and does not disappoint!!!
3rd place in the Varsity race led by Jones (4th) Insley (11th) and Gallo (19th).  Szrama, Hogan, Bale and Byrne all run Varsity for the 1st time!  Well done boys!!!
JV is led by Freshman Justin Stafford who places 6th!
Close behind him are Filosa (9th) O'Toole (10th), Villec (14th) and Phillips (15th) to round out the scoring! 
JV places 2nd, only 3 points behind CR!
MANY season and lifetime bests.
Ever get nervous for a race?!  Sure you have!!!
See how a high school and NCAA All-American deals with nerves.
hint....it starts with preparation!
Salesianum Invitational
Fantastic performances on the hilly Brandywine Creek course!!!
Tommy Higley and Andrew Hally lead the way placing 3rd and 4th in the Championship race with teammates Kyle Jones (11th), Colin Parker (17th) and George Steinhoff (27th)
Tommy becomes the 17th fastest runner in state history on the course!
Andrew becomes the 22nd fastest runner in state history on the course!
JV A places 4th with David Fielding leading the way in 13th place!
JV B places 3rd, lead by Kyle McCarthy's 7th place finish!
JV C places 2nd with the help of a big win from Luke Szrama!  
Freshman trio of Jake Pettoruto, Austin Barry and Phil Pierangeli place 5,6,7 to help the Freshman place 2nd!

Take special notice to the improvements from last year!  Hard work, dedication this program and love of running have helped so many runners excel! 
Patience + Consistency = Success!!!
It's hard to argue that the best way to be good in the fall, is to train hard in the summer. 
The season is ONLY half way over. 
Stay motivated
Stay disciplined
Stay consistent
"Strength in Numbers"

Amazing performances at the Maymont festival! 
Over 100 high school represented!
Andrew Hally and Tommy Higley go 3,4 in the Championship race to lead the team to a 2nd place finish! 
George Steinhoff places 3rd in the JV race to help his teammates WIN the JV Red race.  This race was the largest JV race with over 300 competitors!

YouTube Video

3 more wins for the Boys of 18th and Broom!!!
Nice weather and a flat course produce fastest times of the year!
Many season and lifetime PR's set at Bellevue. 
White Clay Creek Classic kicks off the Invitational Season
The Boys of 18th and Broom team up for 3rd place out of 35 teams!!!
Everyone was so diligent about their warm up and cool downs that Saturday and Sunday are On Your Own!!!  Enjoy sleeping in!!!!
Sal's kick off the dual meet season with two big wins!
Hally and Higley lead the way going 1-2!
Congratulations to all Freshman and new runners. 
You are now officially a Salesianum XC runner! 
"It's not the win, it's being better than you've ever been" ~Fr. Beattie

Spirit Wear Fundraiser
All forms and $ are due to Mr. Lo Sapio by Friday, September 12th.
Pre-season comes to a close with an energetic and lively long run!!!
Good luck to all the Freshman as they embark on their Salesianum careers. 
The next four years will be so transformational and turn you into a Salesian Gentleman!
Make sure to check the "Practice Schedule" tab for next weeks schedule....
"Strength in Numbers"   
AMAZING first weekend of practice!!!
The first 3 days of the season were packed with a 2 mile time trial, recovery run and a Sunday long run!  All this followed by a beautiful family dinner and mass put on by the xc parents association!  Thanks to all those who helped!!!
Make sure to check the practice schedule tab for this weeks schedule. 
Groups A,B,C (Top 21 from Time Trials) are to report for a.m. workouts and p.m. runs are for the entire team.
Never underestimate the power of running!!!

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