Meet Information

Lake Forest Invitational

Saturday, September  7th
Salesianum’s 1st Invitational of the year!!!

Arrive at 7:45 a.m. Busses leaves at 8:00 a.m.

You must ride the bus to and from the meet.

We’ll be back around 4:30 p.m.



Open 5K Run/Walk (coaches, alumni, public) 9:00 AM

Varsity Girls’ A (Large Schools) 10:00 AM

Varsity Girls’ B (Small Schools) 10:25 AM

Varsity Boys’ A (Large Schools) 10:50 AM Announced at practice this week

Varsity Boys’ B (Small Schools) 11:15 AM

Open Girls’ Race (8th grade & below) 11:40 AM Holly Hrupsa Memorial

Open Boys’ Race (8th grade & below) 12:00 AM Holly Hrupsa Memorial

JV Girls’ A (Large Schools) 12:20 PM

JV Girls’ B (Small Schools) 12:45 PM

JV Boys’ A (Large Schools) 1:10 PM Announced at practice this week

JV Boys’ B (Small Schools) 1:35 PM

JV Girls 3rd Team 2:00 PM

JV Boys 3rd Team 2:25 PM  The rest of the team...



What to bring

1.       Wear Salesianum gear only.  Represent your team!!!

2.       2 extra pairs of socks.  One to warm up in, race in and then wear the rest of the day

3.       Camping chair if you want somewhere to sit.    

4.       A full lunch, in a cooler, with a snack and plenty of water/sports drinks for after the race.

5.       Wear your racing shorts to the meet, but put your singlet in a zip-lock bag so it doesn’t get wet.

a.       Don’t warm up in your singlet! 

6.       Spikes/racing shoes.

7.       Sun Screen if it’s hot and sunny

8.       A great attitude, ready to give your all and show “No Fear”!!!