Operation Welcome Home

Read Carefully
  1. Please be at Salesianum by 10:00am on Saturday morning. We’ll divide into carpool groups and will leave by 10:15am. It typically takes about 1.5 hours to drive down. The event starts at 12:00pm. This is the time we need to be there, not the time troops arrive.

  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Please check your email Saturday morning before heading to school. I’ll call the hotline around 9:00am to verify that the event is still on, and on-time. With these flights, there is always the chance of delay or in some instances cancellation. If there is a delay, I’ll email everyone our new meeting time at school. If you don’t get an email from me, that means we are on schedule.

  3. We ask that each boy donate something for the snack bags, bring store-bought pre-packaged/single-serving snacks (cookies, crackers, granola bars or candy) or bottled water/Gatorade. You are welcome to donate whatever quantity you want. DO NOT bring anything homemade, fresh fruit, or other perishable food items.


4.      We will be in the International terminal (Pier E) of the BWI Airport. When you arrive at the airport, park in the Hourly Garage section on Level 6, there is skywalk into the airport. Once inside the airport, turn left and walk towards the International Terminal and we’ll meet in the lower lobby section.


5.      Bring your parking ticket with you and OWH will validate it before you leave.

  1. When we arrive, we will help decorate the lobby and make snack bags. The donations we bring for snacks/drinks are not used that day; they go into inventory for the next flight.

  2. Since we are doing this as a team event, the boys should wear their Salesianum XC/Track spirit wear.


8.      They always need hand-made thank you cards. If you would like to bring handmade “thank you” cards that would be great. The boys can do this or if they have younger siblings that want to help out by making cards, which would be great too. Please DO NOT date the cards or include full names or email addresses. On the cards, a simple verse is good. Suggestions: Thank you for your service, Welcome Home, We appreciate your heroism, Thank you for keeping us safe, Thank you for being there, Glad you are home, or God Bless America and You. Embellishments of stars, hearts, flags, balloons, or any fun thing you want to put on the cards are great. Some folks use stickers, sponge stars, anything they have on hand.





9.      Please have your son bring his Service Hour Sheet on Saturday and I’ll sign off on it after the completion of the event. Travel time is not supposed to be considered in Service Hours but given that the boys are sacrificing a good part of their day and will spend 3 to 4 hours in travel time, I usually give them credit for ½ of it plus the actual hours we spend at the event. I’ll complete the hours section based on how much time we actually end up spending there (please don’t have them pre-fill this on their service forms).


10.  The boys should eat a big breakfast or bring a snack with them since we’ll be there over lunch time.


11.  We should return to school at around 4:00pm, baring any delays.


12.  If you have any questions, my contact details are below:


Kevin Foley

Email: kfoley@denovocorp.com


Michael Lo Sapio,
Dec 19, 2013, 5:18 PM