If anyone has changes to their attendance commitments, please email mlosapio@salesianum.org or call/text 201-919-2643.
If you have questions about the workouts, please email or call.  We are always here for you!!!
Monday: OYO
Tuesday:  9-11 for entire team. 
Sprints/Jumps: Full active warm up + 5 times short/short/long hill.  Walk back rest.  Each hill should be :12/:12/:25.  Active cool down + 8 sets of Navy Seals!



MD:  4 Sets of 300/200/100 with 100 jog between repeats and 2:30 rest between sets.  300 done at Mile race pace.  200 and 100 done at goal 800 pace.  The 300 should be a little slower pace than the hard 200 and 100.   

LD:   3-4 sets of 800/300/100 with 200 jog between repeats and 2:30 rest between sets.  800 at 2 mile race pace. 300 done at 1 mile race pace and 100 done HARD!  This all adds up to 1600 meters.  Time each segment and also time each full mile. 

Wednesday: 9-11 @ Baynard for sprints/jumps. 
9-10:30 @ Ramsey Rd. for Distance. 

From Sallies

Route 202 North for about 4 miles

Go past the Concord Mall and make a LEFT onto BEAVER VALLEY RD.

Make your next LEFT on Ramsey Rd.

Make the 90 degree right hand turn.

Ahead at the Fork in the road STAY RIGHT ON RAMSEY RD. and go down the hill for 3/4 of a mile. 

Parking lot is about 3/4 of mile on the right...and FREE!!!!

Distance:  45-60 minutes easy run on soft ground to recover from hard workout.  If you missed the workout Tuesday, do the workout today!

Sprints:  Extended tempo run on the track + lifting.

Jumps:  Technical day with back bends, sand pit work and triple jump work.


Thursday:  9-11 @ Baynard for Entire team!

Distance:  30-45 minutes + 4x200/200 directly when you get back from your run.  Try not to sit around before doing them. 

Sprints:  Acceleration drills, starts and hand-offs

Jumps:  Same as sprints + measure out steps and hit the tape drills. 


Friday:  9-10:30 @ Baynard for Entire team

Easy prep for the entire team for the meet Saturday at AI Dupont.


Saturday:  Diamond State Relays at AI Dupont.  NO BUS.  Time schedule and line up coming soon....